I just lost main power to my 3D printer due to fuse failure, 5 hours into print. It wasn't the first time, since I don't have very reliable power supply in my mancave. So when Tarantula was working and I also tried to print something on laser printer, it powered up heater and tried to draw arround 1kW from mains...  it was simply to much for poor old fuse.

So I wondering how to put aditional battery into parralel with 12 volt power supply. I have a few car and motorcycle batteries lying around, some of them still quite OK. 

The first idea was to simple put a battery in paralel. But on second tought I think this might not be a good idea, becouse 12 vols are not enough for battery to be charged from and also PS might not be strong enough to power printer AND charge battery.

So current idea is to add battery via diode (20A, shotky comes to mind) and charge battery sepparately.

I tried to google for some similar solution, but with no success. Does anyone tried something like that already?

best regards, Martin

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