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So this is my first 3d printer, a Tevo Tarantula. I have leveled the bed manually and everything seems to be working on first start up. I attempted to do my first hot end heat up and test the extruder. The light came on, hot end went to roughly 110c, then suddenly the light goes off, and heat starts to drop. After a few minutes I get a HEAT FAILURE error. Now, I can't get the hot end to heat up at all. The LCD still shows ambient room temp so I believe it is currently working. I started to disassemble the hot end to find any problems, all the cables look to be in good order. I turned the printer on with the hot end disassembled and the little heater "core" doesn't even get warm when I set the temp to 200.  Below are the pics I took. Please help?
20171113_212253.jpg  20171113_212335.jpg  20171113_212347.jpg 
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