I have just recently installed a bl touch to my tarantula. Running marlin rc7 large bed bugs fix file on the Facebook page.
Stock hot end
Small bed
LPA fanduct v4
After alot of issues with installing the bl touch I finally got it to print and working.
I am able to print a cube.. but when I go to print a temp tower or like a thingirobs brackets the print stop at around 30mins in. At first I had thermal runway issue. And solved that after numerous things pid settings and changing the BANG_MAX 255 to 250.
I attempted another print and this time the temp tower printed for a little longer (extra two temperature notches). But stopped with a message saying "Heating failed PRINTER HALTED Please reset"
I can't work out what the issue is now. Any help would be appreciated
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Hi There
Got the same issue with nozzle - hot end- not heating. Tried with a lot of different changes, but still stuck
Did you found out the error by hasard ?
Thanks in advance for any help
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