Hello, I'm new here and I've received my first 3D Printer, Tevo Tarantula. I was putting together the final pieces of the frame/ Carriage plates(assembled) and got both sides of Z-Axis carriages assembled onto the X-axis. Then I Put it on the rest of the frame and lowered it down and the right inner Bottom wheel Acrylic corner broke off. I took the wheel out of the broken piece and super glued the corner back on. (letting it dry right now.)

Anyways my Question is, will the 3D printer be-able to print good enough to replace the right z-axis carriage even with the inner wheel missing? all of the other wheels, inner and outer look to be fine and are rolling well.

I don't know when someone will respond to this, but I'll finish building the rest of it later and try it anyways. Those Acrylic parts are real boogers to not brake. I'll be defiantly replacing my Acrylic parts with ABS.

A better question is to ask Tevo why the hell do they make such important parts in acrylic that easily brake anyways?
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Yes. It's fairly strong but not as strong as a none broken piece. If you treat it carefully, it should work until you can print a replacement. Just be careful tightening things down. Also DAP's Rapid Fuse may be  superior to "super glue". Acrylic parts are actually quite strong but also very brittle. Good luck.
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