Hello. My Tevo Tarantula defaults my Z axis zero coordinate to the location of the hotend when the printer is powered on. If I choose to "home" the axes, it correctly locates the X and Y axis using the end stops but then takes the Z axis to the location it was at upon powerup.

The firmware also does not allow me to move the Z axis to negative values, so I can only move the nozzle up from its starting position on powerup, not down, unless I manually twist my lead screw that way. This can't be what is supposed to happen, so I'm looking for options.

Marlin 1.1 firmware, updated as of today (1/19/2018). I'm using a BLtouch sensor on the side of the hotend, plugged into the Z- end stop slot. I'm having significant issues with the BLTouch sensor. It will always report a fatal error call a stop, and require an M999 restart.

I've tried G1 Z-#.## commands and the hotend doesn't move.
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