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Before you start calibrating!
FYI, I loaded up the Factory file in Simplify3D.   

If you use AutoLeveling, make sure you add a G29 to the start gcode.

VERY IMPORTANT!!   I don't know what all is in the end Gcode, but it caused my Z to go up and my spring coupler stretched out.  I'm surprised it didn't snap the motor mount.  I think it reached the top and tried to keep going a bit further, so be careful about this.   

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Getting nice sharp points
You may just be asking it to do more than it can as well.  If you have good cooling on the print, then all you can really do is get a fine tipped nozzle.  
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X-Axis Pulleys - suggested mods?
I swapped mine with some flanged bearings, two of them back to back so the flange is on the outside, makes a nice pulley and you can tighten them up too.


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Hello Tevo World!
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