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Help: Problem with Y-axis making "brrr" sounds after turning printer on and at random intervals.
Yes, I solved my problem by purchasing new mother board, as one I got was broken (at least when I put new one, everything worked perfectly), btw two stepper controllers where broken, one with this skipping effect as mentioned above, other not working at all. I bought this one http://www.banggood.com/MKS-BASE-V1_4-3D-Printer-Control-Motherboard-Compatible-Ramps1_4-p-951135.html and it works like a charms, no problem at all with Marlin 1.1 Rc7 (if not mistaken).

Btw, I also asked from printer supplier to solve this problem, by mentioning, that I think stepper controllers are broken, but only solution I was given, was go to facebook... :/ 
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Help: Problem with Y-axis making "brrr" sounds after turning printer on and at random intervals.
Hello. Recently I assembled my first Tevo Tarantula. Used Ed's youtube guide (https://youtu.be/kjc8OBsKi0U?list=PL7OGtDmFA6R6nBhSznM8lyO57RcmNu6Vk) for reference and assembly was fairly ok.

First I stumbled with some problems from Z-axis (it didn't work, even board was new), but that I solved with interchanging pins from Z to E1.

Y-axis have some issues that I have no clue how to solve - when I turn printer on and try to home Y-axis, then stepper motor gives some strange BRRRRR sound, but nothing happens (no stepper movement - marked with marker to see if there are some movement/slipping)... board thinks it actually moving, thought bed ain't moving... after few moments (when homing is at the end) bed moves ok for a bit. After this point there is no problem homing bed (it goes in correct direction and stop at endstop as supposed to) or moving bed whatever direction - everything works. This problem repeats fairly often and 100% percent when turning on printer. There is no similar problems with X or Z axis.

My belts is tight strongly and its put on correctly (as far as I can tell - according to

I am using tarantula-marlin.community-v.0.1d firmware and for Y-axis I made change in variable INVERT_Y_DIR so it goes correct way.

Maybe someone have any clue what should I look for?

I will try to change steppers around to see if that will help.
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