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Heated bed not actually heating up.
Update: It stopped at the set temperature and keeps it consistent, we fixed it. We think.
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Heated bed not actually heating up.
Me and my dad are having issues with the heatbed not heating up.
We give it a set temperature (like let's say 80 celsius). The display shows the target temperature being 80 celsius, but the heatbed just hovers around 24 to 26 celsius.

He then looked at the voltages on the output to the heatbed, and the results were 0 volts, but others were fine. Then he tried switching the wires (plus and minus) cause on the module they were noted differently than in the included assembly guide, and the results were the same. 

The extruder heats up fine, but the heatbed just doesn't.
We think the heatbed module is defective.

P.S: We did some weird thing with the wires and now it heats up, but we don't know if it will go over the set temperature, but my dad still thinks the module is defective.
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