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new user - y axis misaligned, printing wonky
thanks everyone for replies. i have managed to fix this, basically it boiled down to tightening up the y axis. yes i know i said i already tightened it, but actually it needed to be really really tight. 
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new user - y axis misaligned, printing wonky
hi, im still encountering this problem of leaning of the y axis. i have since retensioned the belts and realigned the bed multiple times, reset the endstops, and tried various different printing speeds, but its still printing 4-5mm off each layer after it completes hte base. i am thinking its probably not mechanical and i am worried it might be a problem with the electronics at this point. if anyone has any ideas, your input would be extremely appreicated. so far this printer is a dud. 
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nozzle filament dribble
filament dribble.

as the printer nozzle heats up to print you get a dribble of filament, and if you dont manually pull it off hte dribble then it screws up the whole print as it dribbles it all over the first layer.

is there any way to prevent this? 
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new user - y axis misaligned, printing wonky

hi, i just got a tevo, ive put it together, and im having a few problems. i have begun by trying to print a standard cube. as you can see from the picture, the y axis is out of alignment. its printing each layer slightly off from the last. whats wrong with my tevo? is it the alignment of y? is it the gcode? is it the firmware? i have no idea how to fix this.
also, i have another quick question: where should i be aligning the home axis? currently i have it to the farthest bottom left corner of the bed, basically over the screw. should i move it in a cm on each side? how do i set home correctly?

thanks so much for your help.
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